On the 28th we opened our very own Maker Library!

Preparing the Stranger space for the Maker Library was quite the process.

We knew that the only place that would make sense for the Maker Library was in the patio (née Magenta patio) as it would give us room without reducing the rest of the space available in the store. The idea of building an indoor/outdoor space and using it as a workshop and library was one with immediate appeal, but we had to deal with a major problem…

We had to roof it.

Throughout the existence of Stranger we have had multiple conversations about whether or not we should roof the patio and how. We didn’t want to lose the light so that ruled out a normal roofing method; we had to think about what to do with the water that would inevitably hit our roof whenever it rained and we also had to think about cooling and ventilation and lighting and a whole host of other things.

The Maker Library project finally brought the problem front and centre and we needed to find a solution.

The decision to work with bamboo and use the natural flow of warm air upwards in order to keep the place cool was made very early on, so all we needed to do was find an architect to “design” our ideas.

We worked with Chiemeka Ejiochi to realise the covering and we are very happy with the way it turned out. Her sinosoidal bamboo ceiling design really struck our imagination and it referenced a lot of the things that we are currently interested in. Mathematics, and the systems of nature and what the confluence of the two can teach us about a possible future of design and building sustainable systems.

The feedback to the Maker Library space itself and the concept behind it was phenomenal, and we look forward to having people in the space from now on.

On the launch day itself, we had Osione Itegboje hosting a screen printing class that went down very well. People printed their own designs onto Stranger shopping bags and took them home as souvenirs and had a lot of fun seeing the result of their hard work.

Osione will be hosting another screen printing workshop in the Maker Library very soon so stay tuned to our blog, calendar and newsletter for information about the Maker Library programme.

Our next major workshop will be on the 11th of June and will be hosted by Eve Nnaji of EVEN Designed who we last had in the store showcasing and selling her beautiful EVEN bags.

We are really grateful to The British Council for the opportunity to be a part of the Maker Library Network and the first Maker Library in Lagos and the country and look forward to seeing all the wonderful things that will be made in our Maker Library.