How We Became Tea Nerds

From the series Tea & Stranger by Bibi Ukpo: A closer look at the Teas served at Stranger, the cultures surrounding them and the culture we are building here,

Once upon a time I thought Tea was a simple thing ­ just hot water and leaves usually in a sachet. Today, I don’t think I was wrong about it. I’ve only realized how much I underestimated how, sometimes, simplicity can be so profound.

I only meant to find out what my options were once we’d decided that we would be adding Coffees and teas to our offerings at Stranger. I always had a bit of a fondness for the traditions and trappings of tea culture because my Dad drank loose leaf black teas (Usually Oolongs) from the nicest China tea sets since I was really young. There’s a romance to the ritual of brewing and the beauty of its tools and I’m a sucker for romance and aesthetics.

And Tea is Romance and aesthetics. And it’s also tradition, ritual and culture.

Yet it is also community, contemplation, ceremony, solitude, cultivation,wellness, aspiration, discipline, stillness, elevation, meditation, beauty,character, variety, tao, zen, kung fu and love.

Leaves. Hot Water. And Love.

How could we not be drawn in?

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