Anton Alvarez, Pushing The Boundaries of Furniture Making

We usually anticipate a future in art, design, and technology that is radical and fascinating, but rarely do we envisage the degree of this evolution.

Anton Alvarez's thread-wrapping machine is one of those things we couldn't have imagined.


A circular portal, lined with polyester thread and glue containers is engineered to create very unexpected results by externally joining pieces of timber or aluminum to create products that are alien, yet beautiful.

It coats thread with glue and wraps whatever pieces of material are held within it. The final objects appear to be works of art mummified in colored thread, yet they are fully functional stools, benches and lamp-stands; furniture and objects without joints, screws or nails.


Unlike other wrapping machines which are almost 100% mechanized, Anton's machine requires a lot of human interaction to make it work. To him, this process of creating things with his hands is like dancing; he leads, while his assistant on the opposite side follows.

"Working with my hands is the key to new discoveries", he once said during an interview, adding that he hardly ever starts a piece as a complete idea, but usually forms it along the way.


He is working on even more designs and thinking about developing a new thread wrapping machine that can create larger, monumental objects that people could potentially even live in with his thread-wrapping craft, this mesmerizing wrapping technique he invented for his graduate project has already marked him as an innovative maker and one to watch in the future.

Images: Design Boom. Design Applause. Solid Smack.

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