Customer Profile 3

Over the past almost two years of Stranger's existence, we have been very lucky to have some pretty cool people as customers. We thought that we would begin to profile them as well as the clothing they have picked up from the store and hopefully paint a small picture of the clientele that we have been building since our opening.

Today, we shine the spotlight on Sarah Uku, known to her friends as "Sookie".

Stranger: What do you do for a living?

Sookie: Professional counter of beans.

Stranger: What are you wearing in this picture?

Sookie: Kenneth Ize jumpsuit

Stranger: Where do you look for inspiration lately?

Sookie: Lately, I've been ignoring all human contact in favour of several hours of NPR podcasts which have me excited at the prospect of living again despite the fact that I am doing so without a drop of petrol or diesel.

Stranger: Favourite item of clothing picked up from Stranger.

Sookie: A pair of Kolor pants. If I had to find one disadvantage to having a tiny waist and big booty (there aren't many), it would be the endless struggle to find a pair of pants that fit. These are a great colour, a great fabric, have a great detail on the pockets and feel like going to work in the world's sexiest pyjamas.

Stranger: Favourite item of clothing period.

Sookie: I got this great knit wrap dress at COS last year. When I think of how I wanted to look going into my 30s, this dress is it -- sexy without effort, chic, confident, comfortable.

Stranger: Any favourite clothing brands? Sookie: Not really. I'm open to any brand that makes me look the way I want to feel at that point in time.

Stranger: What do you want your choice of clothing to say about you?

Sookie: That I'm cool as fuck!!!!

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