Archive: S/S 2015 Editorial #1 "Mythopoesis"

Stranger presents its Spring / Summer 2015 editorial “Mythopoesis”.

The idea of myth making is something that has interested us at Stranger for a long time. The capacity for human beings to tell stories and imbue mundane or unusual events with greater agency through the use of narrative and myth is something that we believe has a lot of power. We worked with two young artists - Adeju Thompson and Tunde Alara - on this editorial, asking them to develop characters and environments with which to transport our models and the clothing they were wearing to something that transcends the every day.

Fashion is also about myth making and it comes through in the clothing from the designers we are stocking this season.

Peir Wu was inspired by 1940s sportswear and the ease of Jean Michel Frank’s furniture. This source of inspiration ties in very neatly with her brand’s ongoing investigation into not only minimalism, but also the fusion of sportswear and evening wear creating her trademark of #casualfuturism. Peir is imagining (or making) a future where the casual dressing of jeans and sweatpants of the modern era meets something a little bit more classic creating something new and relevant to her brand’s mythos. For the first time as well, Peir Wu offers womenswear in a selection of tops and trousers in luxurious Italian wool gabardine.

U.Mi-1 stayed within the Igbo culture this season as she also built on the references and narratives she had begun exploring with AW14. Coincidentally, her long tunics and loose pants pair perfectly with the elongated polo tops and deconstructed jackets from Peir Wu. U.Mi-1 as a brand has worked with art and artists as a source of inspiration since their inception as a brand, so it is no wonder that culture and myth would still play a part in this season's collection. Re-interpreting a people's culture through the lens of fashion is a good way to create (or re-create) myth.

Iamisigo’s SS15 collection, “Taboo” rounds out our initial drop for this season. Inspired by the Fulani, the collection is full of easy-to-wear pieces like skirt/trouser hybrids and dual layered crop tops. Again, mythology and history plays a part in this collection as the brand’s creative director interrogated the Fulani culture and developed items inspired by their traditional dress and customs.


Photography, Art Direction & Styling - Stranger

Artwork - Adeju Thompson and Tunde Alara

Models - Uju Marshall & Toyin Oyeneye

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