Archive: Interview with one of our co-founders on The Style HQ

Yegwa Ukpo, one of our co-founders was interviewed on The Style HQ recently.

Below is an excerpt:

Stranger Lagos opened almost a year ago, and while it’s hard to pin down exactly what Stranger is, that’s exactly what co-founders Yegwa and Bibi Ukpo were hoping to achieve. The space might best be described as a concept boutique, and café. Between the Magenta Room and art installations (currently Ada Umeofia’s Crawl), even frequenters of Stranger sometimes require orienting upon entering the space. The project is ambitious, and something perceived as unfamiliar within the scope of fashion in Lagos, but what is almost perfect about Stranger is how it has been able to transform those perceptions into a new age of creativity in Lagos.

For brew days, art openings, film screenings, and random afternoons Stranger has become the topic du jour, the place where you can locate young creatives in Lagos talking shop, art and life- and Yegwa Ukpo knows this. He’s humble when I ask him how it feels to provide this kind of space, an alternative to the typical fashion scene in Lagos, but only as modest as his intention to create that very space from the start. On a Saturday afternoon I stop by Stranger for some afternoon coffee and infamous banana bread, while he fills me in on what to expect from Stranger next.

You can check out the full interview here.

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