Customer Profile 1

Over the past year of Stranger's existence, we have been very lucky to have some pretty cool people as customers. We thought that we would begin to profile them as well as the clothing they have picked up from the store and hopefully paint a small picture of the clientele that we have been building since our opening.


Stranger: What do you do for a living?

Bolaji: I run a production company

Stranger: What are you wearing in this picture?

Bolaji: An Abasi Rosborough jacket and an Abasi long sleeve finger hole thingamajig.

Stranger: Where do you look for inspiration lately?

Bolaji: Travel. I try to travel a lot, meet a lot of people and soak it all in. The more the i live life, the more I discover myself and find inspiration within.

Stranger: Favourite item of clothing picked up from Stranger.

Bolaji: Peir Wu wide leg trousers. Comfortable and functional.

Stranger: Favourite item of clothing period.

Bolaji: A black or navy round neck tee

Stranger: Any favourite clothing brands?

Bolaji: Sandro

Stranger: What do you want your choice of clothing to say about you?

Bolaji: Understated and individual. And black.

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